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Our journey to microservices

Recently our development team attempted migrating our software architecture to microservices architecture. Despite being the most popular pattern mentioned everywhere, our journey came to the end with a surprising result, that was the team eventually decided to cancel the migration. After one developer from our team wrote a post to share our experience, I also want to share some of my personal opinions about microservices, a term, architecture, or pattern that was so controversial in the team in the last couple months. Engaging microservices The first time the term attracted me was when I saw a post about doing microservices on top of Azure Service Fabric. I absolutely loved the idea of splitting a monolith service into several stateless and stateful services, each of which could be deployed and maintained separately. Shortly after Azure had its Kubernetes and docker hub, I was also amazed how easy it was to build a containerized ASP.Net Core application and deploy it as a microse