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Can tasks always run in parallel in ASP.Net WebAPI applications?

So this is the first post in the blog and the topic is interesting. A couple days ago, I did a code review for one of our developers, where I made a comment regarding how tasks are scheduled in ASP.Net applications (not ASP.Net Core). I was saying in the code review that no multiple tasks can run in parallel because of the special AspNetSynchronizationContext . Today I was asked the same question by another developer and later figured out I was not 100% correct. So I decided to spend sometime digging a bit deeper into the magic synchronization context and post what I have found. So the source code of the synchronization context could be found here . For those who are not familiar with synchronization context, I would recommend you read this stackoverflow post before continue reading the rest of the content. To make some tests, I wrote a very simple synchronization context class which schedules tasks using the same way as how AspNetSynchronizationContext schedules tasks: So sim